Career Counselling and Wellbeing Services

Multi-faceted approach to student counselling

NBCC recognizes students are under pressure juggling academic, financial, and life’s challenges. Our career counselling and wellbeing services provide a multi-faceted stepped care approach which offers students options to receive support in a variety of ways. From on-campus support groups and individual counselling sessions; to self-directed online resources and NBCC’s Mental Wellbeing App, students have choices to take charge of improving their health and wellbeing!

Career Counselling Services

With so many options, it is easy to feel confused when it comes to determining the right career path for you. People often explore many programs at college before making a final choice in their education.

Are you...

  • In high school and unsure what your next step is?
  • Looking for a career change?
  • Curious about the latest industry and employment trends?
  • Unsure if you are in the right program for you?
  • A newcomer to New Brunswick?
  • Uncertain how to complete a program you started previously?
  • Living in a rural or remote area and wondering what your options are?

We are here to help. We’ll explore your interests and personality, aptitude and values, opportunities and barriers. Connect with our Career & Wellbeing Counsellors today!

Career & Wellbeing Counsellors

FrederictonKevin Culberson(506) 444-3495 |
MiramichiJoanne Plaxton(506) 778-6008 |
MonctonJanet Daigle
Renelle Girouard
(506) 856-2222 |
(506) 856-2742 |
Saint JohnKris Trotter
Lee Murphy-Nobbs
Rebecca Crouchman
(506) 658-6789 |
(506) 643-7522 |
(506) 658-6788 |
St. AndrewsJaclyn Muir(506) 529-5697 |
WoodstockBrandi Cowper(506) 325-4368 |

Wellbeing Services

A growing number of individuals grapple with sleep and mood disorders, anxiety, stress, depression, and for some, more serious mental health issues. These issues often affect a student’s ability to focus and dedicate time to their academic success. Our Career & Wellbeing Counsellors will provide short-term counselling and link you to appropriate supports and services.

We are all in this together, in fact, statistics indicate that 1 in 5 Canadians will be directly affected by a mental health issue; while only 50% will seek help. As members of our NBCC community, we have a responsibility to care for ourselves and each other by creating a nurturing environment where everyone feels supported by a culture of wellbeing. Reach out today for support!

Wellbeing App

NBCC developed a mental wellbeing app that connects students to trusted information about mental health and wellbeing. This app provides access to resources available through NBCC and in your community; as well as other online tools for healthy practice.