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Featured NBCC Alumni

Featured Alumni: Emily Ingersoll
Featured Alumni: Rob Agar
Featured Alumni: Tracey Paul Kirkpatrick
Featured Alumni: Dave Durepos
Featured Alumni: Rick Bennett
Featured Alumni: Angie Pyne
Featured Alumni: Trevor Rowe
Featured Alumni: Bernadette Kenny

Alumni Listing

Alumni Year Campus Program
Rob Agar 1999 St. Andrews Culinary Arts
Andrew Albert 2001 Moncton Civil Engineering Technology
Nathalie Allain 2004 Moncton Civil Engineering - BSET
Bona Lea Allard 1982 Moncton Business Technology: Data Processing
Kim Barton 2013 Saint John Practical Nurse
Marlee Beale 2015 Saint John Office Administration
Billie-Joe Bear 2011 Fredericton Licensed Practical Nurse
Rick Bennett 1988 Moncton Civil Engineering Technology
Rebecca Bois 2013 Woodstock Business Administration
Michael Bourque 1979 Moncton Electronics Engineering Technology: Industrial
Laura Brideau (nee Mayberry) 1991 Saint John Business Technology
Trent Broad 2010 Woodstock Business Administration
Susan Brown 2004 Woodstock Human Services Counselling
Allison Buchanan (Kernighan) 2009 Saint John Business Administration
MaryBeth Burtt-Schroeder 1986 Moncton Administration
Susie Carter 1983 St. Andrews Accommodation, Food and Beverage Management
Amanda Chute 2013 Fredericton Office Administration Bilingual
Joanne Clayton 1995 Saint John LPN
Bonnie Cleghorn 2007 St. Andrews Office Administration
William Coes 1992 Saint John Power Engineering Technology
Valarie June Connell N/A Saint John Chemical Engineering Technology
Valerie Connors 1996 Saint John Pharmacy Assistant Program
Janice Cormier 1998 Moncton Business Technology
Stephanie Coulombe (Middeleton) 2007 Saint John Office Administration – Executive
Cam Crain 2017 Fredericton Business Administration: Management
James Delong 1997 Moncton Civil Engineering Technology
Hilary Depow 2011 Fredericton Office Administration - Bilingual
Mike Donahue 1997 St. Andrews Food and Beverage
Michael Douglas 1976 Saint John Business Administration
Chelsea Downey 2014 Woodstock Human Services
Olivia Doyle 2011 Saint John Pharmacy Technician
Dave Durepos 1994 Moncton N/A
Colin Egers 2014 Moncton Business Administration: Marketing
Jeremy Faulds 2011 Miramichi Police Foundations
Charlie Fleming 2009 St. Andrews Aquaculture Technician
Stephen Gough 1967 Saint John Bricklaying
Corey Gowan 2013 St. Andrews Plumbing
Melissa Graham 2014 Saint John Machinist
Stephanie Grant 2006 Woodstock Office Administration
Jennifer Guitard 1994 Miramichi Courseware Authoring
Elizabeth Harroun 1999 Moncton Registered Nursing Assistant (LPN)
Troy Hierlihy 2007 Miramichi Business Administration
Katharine Horsman 2012 St. Andrews Office Administration
Emily Ingersoll 1998 St. Andrews Hospitality and Tourism
Judy Inman 2004 Woodstock Practical Nurse
Dana R. Johnston 1977 Saint John Civil Engineering Technology - Material Testing & Inspection
Shawn Jordan 1986 St. Andrews Marine Mechanic
Scott Keegan 1995 Saint John Business Technology - Information Systems
Darlene Kelly 2014 Moncton Steel Fabrication
Bernadette Kenny 1981 Moncton Marketing: Business Technology
Tracey Paul Kirkpatrick 2000 Fredericton Bilingual Office Administration
Bernice Lanigan 1987 Saint John Chemical Engineering
Lawrence Larlee 1984 Saint John Industrial Instrumentation
Ashley Lingley 2011 Fredericton Office Administration - Bilingual
Dare Linton 2018 Saint John Office Administration
Keith Lyons 2007 Moncton Business Administration: Marketing
Peter MacArthur 1980 Moncton Business Technology (Accounting)
Malcolm MacDonald 1997 Saint John Business Technology ISS Option
Jodi MacKinnon 2011 Fredericton Office Administration - Bilingual
Rick Mason 1991 St. Andrews Electrical
Jody Matthews 1985 St. Andrews Marine Mechanics
Cody McArthur 2013 Fredericton Information Technology - Programmer Analyst
Mike McGaw 1995 St. Andrews Electrical
Jamie McNulty 1999 Miramichi Electronic Game Design Technology
Kaitlyn Munn 2009 Saint John Pharmacy Technician
Krista Munroe 2005 Saint John Business Technology - Accounting
Jeff Nagle 2002 Moncton Information Technology Management
Samantha Nason 2012 Saint John Medical Laboratory Assistant
Chris Oakley 2002 Saint John Primary Care Paramedic
Shauna O'Donnell 2011 Miramichi Youth Care Worker
Dotun Olatunbosun 2015 Moncton Civil Technician
Stephen Price 1998 Fredericton Digital Communications
Bev Purinton 1983 Moncton Business Technology
Angie Pyne 2006 Moncton Business Administration, Marketing
Ryan Rafael 2012 Moncton Cook
Alex Reid 2010 St. Andrews Hospitality and Tourism Management: Adventure Leadership
Brian Rignanesi 1977 Saint John Industrial Mechanics
Duane Rousselle 2002 Miramichi Electronic Game Design
Trevor Rowe 2009 Moncton Business Administration - Marketing
Mathieu Savoie 2011 Moncton Electronics Engineering Technology
Ashley Scott 2013 St. Andrews Human Services
Jonathan Sherrard 2002 Moncton Computer/Electronic Engineering Technology – Industrial
Rick Smith 1976 Saint John Business Administration
Melissa Steeves (Walls) 2003 Moncton Civil Engineering Technology
Mary (Doyle) Stevenson 2004 Saint John Business Technology - Marketing
Matthew Stockford 2014 Miramichi Transport Refrigeration Service Technician
Roger Thompson 1992 Saint John Electronics Engineering Technology - Data Systems
Malcolm Toynbee 1998 Saint John Electronics Engineering Technology
Claudette Boudreau-Turner 1978 Moncton Business Technology
Ken Walsh 1968 Saint John Industrial Instrumentation
Tara Waye 2013 Miramichi Office Administration
Lisa (Roy) White 1983 Moncton Civil Engineering Technology
Brian Willett 2011 Miramichi Business Administration - Sales & Marketing
Dave Williams 1999 Saint John Business Technology: Informations Systems Specialist
David Wilt 1984 Saint John Chemical Technology