Alumni Milestones

Celebrating your Milestones

Graduating from NBCC is a major milestone, but it's just the first of many others. As your life and career paths unfold, we’d like to keep in touch and help celebrate your achievements and accomplishments.

Grads are encouraged to share news of their new house, wedding, a new baby or retirement with our alumni association and we'll send out a great little gift* with our congratulations!

*While gifts are limited to new house, wedding, new baby or retirement milestones, we still want to hear your story!

Congratulations to all of our Alumni who are celebrating milestones!

Alumni Grad Year / Campus Milestone
Allison Bard 2009 - Saint John Campus

On Feb 4th, we welcomed new baby Lenora to our family, 9lbs and perfect! Proud big sister Charlise and big brother Austin are thrilled to have her!

Alyson Bard 2009 - Saint John Campus Sweet baby Rachel is our family’s girl number 3 and our 4th future NBCC alumni!
Shelley Beck 2008 - Moncton Campus

We welcomed our baby boy Rowan James into our family

Donna Bordage 2011 - Moncton Campus

For Valentines I got a new motor cycle, and the motor cycle course as well.  This is going to be "the summer of Donna" and a great adventure.  All possible because I went back to school and the great staff at NBCC taught me lifted me up.

Greg Braman 2016 - Woodstock Campus I just closed a deal on a rent to own for one year, then buy my own house!
Emily Brewer 2013 - Fredericton Campus

Married former NBCC classmate Justin Brewer.

Dan Briggs 1993 - Saint John Campus

On June 20th, 2015, I was honoured with my induction into the Softball New Brunswick Hall of Fame, in the builders category. It was a very nice ceremony that included 2 other individuals and a women's softball team from the Fredericton area. The ceremony was held at the Fredericton Inn, where the hall of fame is also located at.

Tony Budrow 1993 - Saint John Campus

In September 2013 I got married to the most amazing wonderful beautiful creature that God could have sent me!/On January 20, 2014 God blessed me with a new granddaughter!

Kelsey Carter 2010 - Miramichi Campus

My husband and I shortly after HIS graduation from a 12 week course at NBCC Miramichi, welcomed our first child , Owen :) he's a happy and healthy baby boy.

Jordan Chiasson 2014 - Moncton Campus

Got Married on July 22nd, 2017 to a CCNB grad. Cheers to a happy life!

Delaney Clarke 2015 - Moncton Campus

My boyfriend and I are buying a new home this month. We're excited to begin this new adventure!

Stephanie Coulombe 2007 - Saint John Campus

I have a beautiful baby girl. She's so bright, full of life, happy and is now 6 months old (March 2015). So proud to be her mom!/My husband and I bought our first house in April 2014 and love it. Perfect house for us!

Katie Craft 2013 - Saint John Campus

I married my fiancé of 7 years on August 3rd, 2013. We had the most fantastic Disney wedding and spent our honeymoon at Disney world.

Aynslie Croney 1994 - St. Andrews Campus

I have finally settled and bought a house in Woodstock, NB.  Derek and I married in 2010 and had our first child in early 2013.  My most recent milestone is becoming an instructor at NBCC.  Would love to connect with my class for our 20th reunion.

Hilary Depow 2011 - Fredericton Campus

My fiancé and I just purchased our first house in Hanwell. We officially took over ownership a few months ago.

Nadine Duguay-Lemay 2002 - St. Andrews Campus

On May 21st, Richard and I tied the knot and then moved into our new home on June 24th. Lots of changes in a short period of time but enjoying life tremendously!

Robyn Esson 2012 - Moncton Campus

May 15th will be the one year anniversary from the day that my partner and I purchased our first house. We bought it as a repossession and it took a lot of work to fix up. We had ups and down throughout the process, but now, a year later we can truly call this house our home!

John Estabrooks 2014 - Moncton Campus

I'm very excited about my son that's due in April of this year. My daughter is 5 years old now and she very excited about her little brother.

Debra Fertnig 2012 - St. Andrews Campus

On Jan 28th, 2014 my husband and I became Grandparents for the first time to a Beautiful Little Girl named Zoe Rose weighing 5lbs 6oz...what a beautiful blessing.

Ashley Forsyth 2007 - Saint John Campus

My (now) husband and I were married on October 12, 2013. Just before the wedding we found out that we were pregnant, so we are also expecting our first child in June 2014! We also bought our first house in February. It's been a busy 6 months for us!

Update Aug 2016:  My husband and I welcomed our second son - Daniel Xavier - on June 6th, just two days before our other son turned 2!

Shelby Gallant 2014 - Moncton Campus Bought our first house!
Kim Garron 1988 - St. Andrews Campus

I officially married my best friend (Lindon Garron) of 20 years this past August. Most of you will know me as Kim Fillmore but I am now Kim Garron.

Josee Green 2007 - Moncton Campus

Got married on August 31, 2013! - now expecting our first baby on June 20th, 2014!

Madelaine Hartling 2008 - St. Andrews Campus

We bought our first home!

Samantha Henderson 2010 - Moncton Campus Since graduating from NBCC Moncton in 2010, I've gotten married to my also NBCC Moncton alumni wife, we just bought our first home and I have received the job of my dreams thanks to the schooling I took.
Blake Hodder 2009 - Moncton Campus

After 4 years of working upon graduating from EET-Telecommunications, my wife and I have bought our first house.

Stefany Hovey 2003 - St. Andrews Campus

Married my best friend and fellow NBCC Alumni. Had our first daughter September 28 2013.

Gave birth to my second child. A big  healthy baby boy via c-section weighing 11lbs 9oz.
Ryan Jennings 2007 - Saint John Campus

After graduating NBCC SJ and settling down in Fredericton (8 Years), my partner and I purchased a house.

Jessica Jones 2012 - Fredericton Campus

I took possession of my first home last Friday.

Jennifer Erin Jones 2013 - Saint John Campus

My husband and I welcomed our son Jackson into the world on the 22nd of July 2013. He was born 3 weeks early, much to everyone's surprise and is a growing happy, healthy little boy. His big sister is thrilled to the moon and back.

Drew Lapointe 2004 - Moncton Campus

Besides running two Dooly's corporate stores here in Greater Moncton, I have recently opened up my own business! Inspired by the 90's Dickie-Dee Ice Cream Bikes... Good Guys Ice Cream will be hitting the streets this summer in Greater Moncton.

Malcolm MacDonald 1997 - Saint John Campus Married the love of my life & best friend, Heidi.  We were married in Timberlea, NS & enjoyed a wonderful honeymoon in Ireland.
Shane Mallard 2008 - Moncton Campus

My wife and I just had our second baby girl!

Courtney Martin 2013 - Saint John Campus

Married the love of my life :)

Was finally declared Cancer free :) I was diagnosed when I started at NBCC and am now graduated, cancer free and working. I couldn't of done it without my teachers. They deserve all the credit for that :)

Tiffini McCartney 2001 - St. Andrews Campus

We were married on a beautiful winter day here in St. Andrews and now we are on the hunt to find our new home!

Janet McDougall 1979 - Woodstock Campus

My beautiful daughter, Rachel, is graduating from NBCC St Andrews - Culinary Arts. Also my beautiful son, Tyson, graduated twice from NBCC. In 2005 Miramichi - industrial Mechanics and 2009 Moncton - CET - Construction Management.

Jennifer McLaughlin 2007 - Saint John Campus


Dana Moore 1984 - Saint John Campus

On May 28th 1984 the entire graduating class of Powering Engineering was hired by NB Power at Point Lepreau. On May 28th 2014 we will have worked 30 years for NB Power. Thanks NBCC for supporting our training for our successful careers.

Patrician Nolan-MacFarlane 2011 - Saint John Campus

I just welcomed a new baby November 30,2013. He is just the sweetest thing and such a delight. His name is Nolan McKnight.

Olivia Patriquin 2011 - Miramichi Campus

We got engaged during our second year in Miramichi, married in August 2012 and welcomed our baby boy, Sawyer, April 28, 2013

Joseph Patriquin 2011 - Miramichi Campus

My wife and I got engaged during grad year. Since then, we have gotten married,  bought a house, and had a baby boy! Lots of change and looking forward to many milestones ahead!

Stephanie Richard 2014 - Moncton Campus

My best friend, Jason LeBlanc, proposed to me in the very romantic Old Quebec City.  He is the lover of my life,  and I can't wait to share our lives together!

Whitney Richardson 2015 - St. Andrews Campus

The love of my life got down on one knee and proposed to me under our Christmas tree.

Brian Riganesi 1977 - Saint John Campus

I will be retiring at the end of March after 25 years of employment with NBCC. 15 years as an Instructor, 8 years as a Department Head, and the past 19 months as Dean of Trades and Apprenticeship.

Allison Robertson 2006 - Saint John Campus First born child
Megan Savoie 2013 - St. Andrews Campus

Our sweet boy John Douglas was born 8 1/2 week premature at 3lb 3 1/2 oz. He is now just under 12 lbs and doing extremely well.

Maeghan Scribner 2015 - Fredericton Campus I'm a little late sharing this, but in August of 2016 I married the love of my life in Moncton!
Maeghan Scribner 2015 - Fredericton Campus Our healthy baby boy was born October 26, weighing 9 pounds!
Kim Stannard 2013 - Moncton Campus

I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in May! My fiancé and I bought a lovely home together in November. We had an exciting year, as well I graduated a course that I loved, Personal Support Worker.

Kevin Stephens 2013 - Saint John Campus

June 2013 I finished my first draft of a speculative fiction novel I started in 2009 named DiAngelo. Today I finished professionally editing chapter 1. It is free to read at www.facebook.com/groups/DiangeloBookSeries

Sarah Sullivan 2016 - Saint John Campus I bought my first home in January of 2016!

Six months later my boyfriend proposed, we are now engaged and planning a 2017 wedding!
Amanda Taylor 2006 - Moncton Campus

We welcomed our baby girl, Katherine, into our lives on May 25th, 2014

Stacey Thomas 2013 - Moncton Campus

I purchased a house at the beginning of this year with my amazing boyfriend and our children.

Ricky Vienneau 2010 - Moncton Campus

Getting married on May 24th, 2014 in Cap-Pele.

Amy Watters 1997 - Saint John Campus

Super excited about the new house!

Taylor Webb 2015 - Fredericton Campus

My husband and I and our 2 year old bought our first home together in Fredericton Junction.

Lockie Young 1980 - Moncton Campus

On January 15th I was pleased to announce the launch of my new book for Middle grade readers titled The Legend Returns. Tested at a grade 4 reading level, this easy to read youth adventure/fantasy will keep young and older readers captivated with the cliff hanger chapter endings. Available online as an eBook, and in print in Spring 2015.

Lockard Young 1980 - Moncton Campus

In Sept./12 I had to resign as an instructor at the Moncton Campus due to illness. In 2013 I lost my right leg due to that illness. I persevered and in Dec./13 published my first book in Ebook format with Morning Rain Publishing. In Apr./14 I will retire.

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