Recognition of Prior Learning


Due to the COVID-19 situation, the RPL Office will not be accepting any credit transfer or credit equivalency applications for Spring 2020.

Please note: If you have failed a course required to graduate and you wish to submit a pre-approval application, please send us details about your request using the contact form on the right side of this page (Questions? Ask Us). You can also use this form to submit any other questions related to RPL.

At NBCC, we recognize that learning happens inside and outside the classroom. Our Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program allows you to gain credit for the learning you already possess. You may have taken many different paths to develop this learning, from formal coursework at other post-secondary institutions to informal workshops and seminars, on-the-job training, work experience, volunteerism, military service or family commitments. No matter how or where you gained your experience, RPL provides a way for you to demonstrate your learning and receive formal credit for it.

There are two ways you can be awarded credit towards your program at NBCC:

  • Credit Transfer (CR): You may receive credit for learning you gained from an equivalent course you previously completed at a recognized post-secondary institution.
  • Credit Equivalency (EQ): You may earn credit for learning you gained from informal learning and experience. Equivalency is also granted when more than one post-secondary course is applied toward credit for one NBCC course. 

RPL is not about assessing the student; it’s about assessing the learning.

What’s New?

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) program has undergone many changes in the last few weeks, and we’re excited to share the updates with you!

Top 5 Things You Need to Know to Submit Your RPL Application in Winter 2020

  1. The deadline for credit transfer and credit equivalency applications is January 24, 2020, unless your course has not yet been scheduled or you have received late acceptance/enrolment in an NBCC program. In those cases, you have up to 3 weeks following the course start date to submit your application.

    If your course has been scheduled to start later in the Winter 2020 term, we still recommend you submit your RPL application by January 24, 2020 to avoid processing delays.

  2. We are currently ONLY accepting applications for the Winter 2020 term. The website will be updated when we begin accepting applications for Spring 2020.
  3. We have replaced our paper applications with new, user-friendly online forms. These forms will make it easier for you to complete all the mandatory fields and allow you to submit your application in one online package.

    Please note that we are no longer accepting applications and supporting documents by email or hard copy (on paper). All supporting documents must be scanned and attached electronically to your application form. If you are uncertain about how to scan documents, you can request help from an NBCC Library Commons Coordinator.

  4. Notice about individual requests for status updates: We aim to provide results to you within 3 weeks of your application submission. To allow the RPL team to focus on processing applications, we will not be responding to status update requests during the assessment period. In the event of delays to processing times, we will notify you by email about when you can expect to receive your results.
  5. We are now only accepting one-to-one credit transfer applications: If you wish to submit more than one post-secondary course for credit against one NBCC course, you must now complete a credit equivalency application instead of a credit transfer application. Credit transfers will only be granted for one course you took previously if the course outcomes match at least 80% of the competencies required for the respective NBCC course and if you achieved a minimum grade of 60% or C-.

Top 5 Updates to the RPL Webpage

  1. Need more info on how to apply? Read through our handy step-by-step guides for credit transfer, credit equivalency and pre-approval applications. Also, be sure to check out our list of do’s and don’ts to help you submit stronger RPL applications.
  2. Wondering about the differences between credit transfer and credit equivalency? Have a look at our explanation of RPL services and the new FAQs for more information.
  3. News for High School students: If you are a New Brunswick high school student who is considering applying for a credit transfer at NBCC, check out our NB high school student page for more information.
  4. Have you failed an NBCC course that you need to graduate? Our pre-approval process can help you get credit for an equivalent course at another post-secondary institution.
  5. Still have questions? Fill out the information request form on this page to send us your questions. You can also use the form to request an appointment with the RPL Coordinator to discuss your application.

Questions? Ask Us

Use this form to ask questions about RPL or request a meeting with the RPL Coordinator to discuss your application.