Recognition of Prior Learning

Note: We are not accepting credit transfer/equivalency applications for any term until the first week of December 2019 as we are currently reviewing the RPL application process. Please keep checking this page regularly for more updates. Thank you.

Learning happens inside and outside the classroom. We offer a service, called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), which assesses the skills you already have and awards credit where applicable.

There are two ways you can be awarded a credit towards your program:

  • Credit Transfer - Transfer credits from previously completed courses
  • Credit Equivalency - Receive credit for learning achieved through experience

Credit Transfer

Have you completed courses at NBCC or another college or university? If so, let us help you transfer credits to your program.

Credit transfer is granted when it is determined that a previously completed course meets 80% of the competencies and the outcome of the respective NBCC course.   The scope, depth, and level of learning must match that identified in the stated competencies and outcomes.

  • When direct course to course credit transfer is being sought, a detailed course outline from the educational institution which identifies the learning outcome(s) and the method of assessment is required.
  • This must also be accompanied by an official transcript of marks that indicates that credit was awarded and a minimum grade of 60% or – C was achieved.  Credit awarded for credit transfer will be indicated on your transcript as CR.

Credit Equivalency

Credit equivalency acknowledges learning that has been achieved through experience.  This may be achieved in a variety of ways including a combination of formal learning (college/university courses), informal learning (workshops, seminars, industry specific training), and/or experiential learning. Where several formal courses are combined to meet the competencies and outcome of one course, course equivalency is also granted.

  • Credit equivalency is not granted based on experience, or the where or how it occurred.  These factors contribute to the validation of the learning identified, but do not determine the learning achieved, or outcome, resulting from the experience.  
  • You are responsible for clearly identifying the learning outcome and providing supporting evidence that it has occurred. 
  • As with credit transfer, credit equivalency is granted when it is determined that 80% of the course competencies and the course outcome has been achieved to the level and depth identified in the related curriculum.  Credit awarded for credit equivalency will be indicated on your transcript as EQ.


Need More Info?

For additional questions about RPL, please contact:

  (506) 460-6222